v4.1.0 Changelog

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Important Announcement

We have removed support for running Chart Studio Enterprise and Dash Enterprise on the same server in this release. If you are currently running both products on one server, please contact our support team.


  • This release removes support for older versions of TLS (SSL) and for some lower-security ciphers. Only TLS 1.2 and newer is supported. As a result of this change:

    • Dash Enterprise and Chart Studio Enterprise no longer support Android v4.3 and older, IE v10 and older, and Safari v6 and older.

    • Clients using Microsoft Active Directory 2012, 2016, or 2019 as a SAML IdP may need to activate strong authentication for .NET applications. For more information and instructions, see Microsoft's documentation.


  • The next major release of Dash Enterprise will no longer support dash-snapshots version 1.2.6 and older. If any of your Dash apps are pinned to dash-snapshots version 1.2.6 or older they will need to be updated and re-deployed.

  • The next major release of Dash Enterprise will drop support for self-serve account creation. Starting from Dash Enterprise 4.2, only private mode will be available for Plotly-managed authentication.

  • The next release of Chart Studio Enterprise will no longer render figures using the contourgl or area traces, or polar charts using the scatter trace. Note: any chart created using a version of the Chart Studio editor or using a version of Plotly.py or Plotly.R released in the last two years will be unaffected by these changes.

  • The /Manager/api/generate_report API endpoint is deprecated and will be removed in the next major release of Dash Enterprise.


  • Added an option to customize the Keep Alive timeout for incoming requests. This fixes a compatibility issue where requests would return 503 errors when Dash Enterprise is running behind Azure Front Door. To fix these errors the timeout value must be greater than 90s.

  • SAML authentication is now supported in Dash Enterprise Kubernetes.

  • Dash Design Kit:

    • Added full compatibility with the open-source Dash Bootstrap Components (DBC) library by FacultyAI. DDK now includes Bootstrap CSS (no external_stylesheets argument needed) and themes all DBC components.

    • Added full compatibility with the Dash DAQ (Data AcQuisition) library. Both light and dark DAQ components will be themed, and broken rendering of certain components (including BooleanSwitch, PowerButton, and ToggleSwitch).

    • Added "Controls" tab to Theme Editor, along with new theme properties, in order to customize the appearance of input controls and buttons (dcc.Dropdown, dcc.Input, dcc.DatePickerRange, dcc.DatePickerSingle, dcc.Textarea, and html.Button).


  • Dash Enterprise now supports Python runtimes up to 3.8.6 and 3.9.0.

  • Improved Logs tab in App Manager.

  • Improved the usability of the Users panel in the App Manager when dealing with long-running tasks.

  • The pyodbc Sample App was removed in favor of the more complete MS SQL sample app that uses the pyodbc library.

  • Dash Design Kit:

    • Added a "close" button to opened/expanded ddk.Modal components.

    • Updated ddk.Graph to use the dcc.Graph base component in Dash Core Components v1.15.0, including plotly.js v1.58.4 (changes in above list item), via Dash v1.19.0.

    • Updated ddk.DataTable to use Dash Table v4.11.2 from Dash v1.19.0.

    • Theme Editor input boxes are now more "reactive" — the theme will now update as you type.

  • Chart Studio includes plotly.js version 1.58.4, which (compared to v1.54.5):

    • Adds new formatting options for weeks and quarters

    • Adds "period" alignment attributes for various cartesian traces

    • Adds "period" ticklabelmode to cartesian date axes

    • Adds ticklabelposition to cartesian axes and colorbars

    • Adds "strict" autotypenumbers to axes and layout

    • Adds minexponent attribute to improve control over SI prefixes in axis tick labels

    • Adds horizontal and vertical markers for arrow charts

    • Adds "domain" axis references in layout images, shapes and annotations

    • Adds computed margins in "full-json" export

    • Adds itemwidth to legends

    • Adds touch support to rangeslider

    • Adds sort and root.color attributes to sunburst and treemap traces

    • Adds rotation attribute to sunburst traces

    • Adds source attribute to image traces for fast rendering

    • Adds zsmooth attribute for discrete heatmapgl traces

    • Includes various bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug that, under certain conditions, prevented new users from being created in the Users panel.

  • Adding users as Dash app viewers is now case insensitive.

  • Access restrictions for Dash app git clone operations via HTTPS connections are now respected.

  • The Dash Enterprise server's NO_PROXY environment variable is passed on to Dash app containers. This fixes Dash app deployments when the Dash Enterprise server is running behind a proxy.

  • Dash Enterprise's host entry is now added to the app container's /etc/hosts file. This fixes issues related to resolving app dependencies.

  • Improved the reliability of log out from the Users panel of the Dash App Manager.

  • Changing passwords from the dropdown menu in the Portal now works.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Conda apps to continue building even after a failure that should have terminated the build.

  • Improved handling of configuration changes made in the Server Manager in Dash Enterprise Kubernetes. Any changes made in the Server Manager will be automatically applied to the needed management services.

  • Dash application logs are no longer truncated in the Logs tab in Dash Enterprise Kubernetes.

  • Improved Dash Enterprise Kubernetes startup time by streamlining Docker container registry authentication.

  • Updated various descriptions in the App Settings page to describe how they affect Workspaces.

  • Dash Design Kit:

    • Fixed an issue with the extendData property of ddk.Graph that prevented graphs from updating correctly with the property value.

    • Added missing className properties to ddk.Header and ddk.DataCard.

    • Fixed an issue with the title prop of ddk.CardFooter not responding to callbacks.

  • Workspaces:

    • Request routing to workspaces is now updated if the workspace internal IP changes on restart. Previously, workspaces that were restarted could have their traffic routed to an incorrect internal IP under certain circumstances.

    • Improved the reliability of workspace file persistence on restart.

    • The proper Conda path is now included in the terminal path in Conda-based workspaces.

    • Notebooks now work in Conda-based workspaces.

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