Admin panel reference

You can view license information and manage users from the App Manager Users menu.


  • Log in to Dash Enterprise using an account that has Administrator permissions.

To access the Users menu:

1- Go to https://<your-dash-enterprise-server>/Manager

2- Select Users.

Using the Overview

The Overview displays your total number of registered users, Dash apps, as well as allocated and available licenses.

A licensed user is authorized to deploy Dash apps, view the Dash Enterprise documentation, and access the low-code capabilities like the Design Kit, Snapshot Engine, and Embedded Middleware.

Licenses represents the maximum number of licensed users available for your license, and Licenses allocated to users is the number of licenses currently in use.

If you have enabled Restrict licenses based on Active Directory group membership in the Server Manager, only users in the dedicated LDAP/SAML group are licensed and count toward your total. If not, users can self-assign licenses by initializing an app or by going to Usage & Guides. You can select specific users from the users list to check whether they have self-assigned a license.

If all licenses are in use, no new users can become licensed.

Creating a New User

To create a new user:

1- In the Users menu, select Add User.

2- Enter a Username and Password for the user. After logging in with the password you set, the user can change it by selecting their username > Change Password. Setting an email address for the user is optional.

3- Select Add User.

The new user is created and added to the users list.

Managing Users

To manage users, go to the users list below the Overview. The users list supports sorting and searching.

Select a user from the list to view activity information, update their email address, turn Administrator permissions on or off, and more.

Transferring Licenses and Apps Between Users

When a user stops using Dash Enterprise, you can transfer their license to a different user. This transfer also includes any Dash apps that the user created, ensuring that no apps are left without an owner.

To transfer a user's license and apps to another user:

1- In the users list, select the user whose license and apps you want to transfer.

2- Under Permissions, turn on Locked.

Note about locked users: The Locked status is intended for administrators to label inactive users and usually flag them for deletion. It does not prevent users from logging in to Dash Enterprise or self-assigning another license (if licenses are available). If you want to prevent the user whose license and apps you are transferring from performing any actions, we recommend deleting the user after the transfer is complete.

3- Select Transfer files to another user.

4- Select the target user; then select Transfer files.

When the task is complete, the Licensed status and apps are moved to the target user. It is safe to delete the previously licensed (now locked) user.

Viewing Tasks

Some actions like transferring files and deleting a user can take a few minutes to complete. These tasks are entered into a queue, and you can view their status in the Tasks tab.

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