Dash Enterprise Kubernetes

If you followed the steps in Set up your cloud infrastructure and Dash Enterprise Kubernetes additional required configuration and Dash Enterprise Kubernetes does not start up correctly, here are some troubleshooting steps to try:

1 - In your cloud provider’s console, confirm the following:

  • All of your cluster resources were created on the same VPC network

  • The VPC has the appropriate firewall rules/security groups to allow traffic between your resources

  • Your service accounts/IAM roles were created with the appropriate permission sets

  • Your EC2/compute instances and Kubernetes clusters were created with the appropriate role account assigned to them

2 - Check for any typos in the values configured in your Server Manager Settings

3 - ssh into the EC2/compute instance you created in Step 5 and check the docker logs output for the dashauth and dash containers

4 - Inspect your pod logs with kubectl logs for clues

5 - To manually apply a recent configuration change, manually scale your deployments to 0 and back to their original number again

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