Dash Enterprise Single Server

Amazon AMI

For all customers using Amazon Web Services, we recommend installing Dash Enterprise using our custom-developed Amazon Machine Image (AMI), since it is the fastest and simplest setup option. To use this, your cloud must be able to access the Internet, either directly or via a proxy.

pageInstallation on cloud provider

Other cloud provider or on-premises server

If you need to install Dash Enterprise on an on-premise server or on an instance with a different cloud provider, and that server can access the Internet (either directly or via a proxy), see Dash Enterprise Single Server: on-premise installation on own server to proceed.

pageOn-premise installation on own server

Fully offline (airgapped) installation

If your server does not have access to the Internet, see Dash Enterprise Single Server: fully offline installation. Several limitations apply to Dash apps deployed to a fully offline server; please see the start of that section for details.

pageFully offline installation

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