Configure basic settings

  1. Read and accept the Plotly End User License Agreement

  2. Specify the path to your Plotly Data Directory

  3. (If using Dash Enterprise) Under Dash Deployment Server, check Enable Dash On Premise

    • Leave Dash Deployment SSH Port at its default value (3022) unless you are already using this port number for a different purpose

  4. Under Base Domain Name and SSL certificate, enter the base domain name you selected in Domain name requirements and select a TLS/SSL certificate option:

    • Use the Server Manager certificate to use the same certificate that you installed while following Configuration: Set up your Server Manager

    • Automatically generate a self-signed certificate

    • Upload an existing certificate and key to use a separate CA-issued certificate

      • The certificate file must contain the full CA chain (including all intermediate certificates) in order to avoid errors when connecting to your On-Premise instance via a browser or the Plotly API libraries

  5. If you enabled Dash On Premise: repeat step 5, but use the Dash domain name you chose

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