Transfer Dash Enterprise to a new server

1 - Browse to the Server Manager and click Stop Now to stop the running instance

2 - Back up your Plotly data directory (see Step 2 in Prepare for upgrade for guidance)

3 - Transfer your data directory to your new server using your preferred method (e.g. rsync)

4 - Install Dash Enterprise from scratch on your new server using the Plotly instructions earlier in this guide that are appropriate to your use case

4.1 - When configuring the new instance’s Settings, specify the transferred data directory as your new Plotly data directory

4.2 - You will need to SSH into your server and rebuild your Dash services and apps from within the dash container for them to start up correctly:

docker exec -it dash bash
for service in $(dokku --quiet redis:list); do redis:start $service; done
for service in $(dokku --quiet postgres:list); do postgres:start $service; done
dokku ps:rebuildall

5 - Once the installation is complete and running on your new server, you may stop the running instance on your old server